About us

Von Birkin is a contemporary jewelry brand, wich combines Italian craftmanship and Scandinavian design. 

The collection has a characteristic, readable pattern to it. As diverse as the bits of collection are, it is easy to notice the same DNA. 

Von Birkin - chic, luxorious, posh, playful and free - those are the words that describe the brand. Wether you are going for Parisian artistic glam look, casual Monte Carlo style, the hippie barefoot Ibiza or glamorous Dubai style, even New York business suit look, Von Birkin will be your perfect accessory. 

Design - Inspired by the bodyart symbols - skull, butterfly, star and fleur de lis - the jewelry gives them a new meaning. The flat surface makes our jewelry comfortable to wear. 

Craftmanship - The pride of our brand is the craftmanship, which ensures the highest quality of our product. We combine the newest, most recent in jewelry production with the traditional techniques, used for centures, this way we ensure to bring our customers jewelry of highest quality.